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The company PBW GROUP was founded in the year 2006 as a company involved in the realization of construction contracts.

From the start, our production team has been formed of some of the best experts on the market, whether these are architects, designers, specialists in the area of building construction, or specialists in technology or road construction. Carefully selected and time-proven suppliers cooperate with them on individual projects.

And so, thanks to the individual realization teams' many years of experience and our own production capacities, we can provide you with complete services connected with the realization of your work.

Thus, we are currently able to realize both the construction or reconstruction of an entire building, or the transformation of an existing building into the condition that you require.

A novelty, which we decided to introduce in the year 2015, is the realization of distinctive, exclusive projects. Given their time and economic demands, our aim is to realize only one such project per year.

“From a company which, at the start of its existence, relied on larger companies, we built a firm which, thanks to the quality offered and the professionalism of services, became a favourite supplier for many, and for others unpleasant competition that must now be taken into account. Thus, I firmly believe that our experience, the quality of the work we carry out and our trustworthiness will win you over too, and you will become our new customers in the realization of your ideas and goals. Thank you.”

Michal Paris

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Annual turnover of the company

Annual turnover of the company